Russell is an advisor to management, specifically on organisational performance and transformational change. His experiences are broad and his qualifications include an MBA (Executive). He has led an interesting and varied life. From a working-class Sydney family and humble beginnings, he was an employer at the age of 23. His family and closest friends agree that outrageous perseverance is high among his qualities, which combined with his ‘can do’ ethos, enables him to continue enjoying a thoroughly fulfilling life in family and career.

His management skills and/or business equities have included participation in automotive engineering, service stations, real estate sales & marketing, financial services, retail, hospitality, technology, management consulting, and property development. His decades of consulting have enabled him access to many other sectors including manufacturing, banking, transport, logistics, retail, and professional services. He has built a network of contacts that regularly assist him in his endeavours. His inquisitive nature and appetite for knowledge led to him gathering a voluminous range of articles, clips, case studies, and books, relative to his research on organisational management.

He has been a coach and mentor. His personal experiences of failure and successes are a bonus to his clients. Among his consulting pursuits was a longing for a tool that would accelerate the timeline of managers going from good to exceptional. Indeed, having achieved his MBA he completed the remarkable P9 Management Model, which today many of his peers and partnering clients often describe in terms like “a diamond discovery for senior management”. He also wrote a book that delivers a comprehensive roadmap to organisational excellence, by fully understanding the 9 umbrella elements, together with their 36 relational impacts, and then applying the model’s principles. The book is titled The Next Exceptional CEO.

Russell describes himself as a family man; a fortunate husband, a proud father, and a very proud grandfather. Russell recently took a seven-year sabbatical from consulting, moved to Canberra and took on a local communities role of senior pastor in a church, serving the communities and raising funds for vital works overseas, particularly in India (which he continues to do).

That period also enabled significant reflection and writing notes on changes in management trends, while pondering the type of firm he might build next and the type of clients he would want to attract. Russell firmly believes that leading teams of volunteers to achieve beyond their expectations, and providing individuals (experiencing vastly different situations) with pastoral care, are invaluable skill sets that complement the role he now has again, of navigating leaders and senior managers to becoming their exceptional selves.

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