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“a diamond discovery for senior management”


The P9 Management Model, thoroughly developed by Russell Driscoll, is a  construct of your organisation’s pinnacle elements that when correctly positioned and managed will radically change performance outcomes of your organisation.


Just imagine if, from middle management upwards, every manager had access to a tool that would equip them with the organisational keys to purpose driven sustainable excellence. Just imagine if your senior management, not only had a thorough understanding of every ‘P’ element and its influence on each other ‘P’, plus, how it is impacted by each other ‘P’.


The power is threefold, firstly, it is the thorough understanding and value of each of your P elements, secondly the ability to quickly recall and maximise the interrelational impacts, and thirdly your management created, ideal and true alignment of every P element, that then assures a highly performing organisation of excellence.



A brief Intro

What is this P9 Management Model

The P9 Management Model is the Think Big view of your organisation. It is more than just a general understanding of the macro view. It is a being able to apply the principles and power of the P9 Management Model to achieve organisational excellence and sustainability. It stretches you to rethink your opinions and attitudes, and to become a campaigner for exceptional performance and sustainable excellence.

Core Umbrella Elements

Purpose. People. Processes.

Operational Umbrella Elements

Interdependently linked to one another.

Impacting Relationships

Each element has a uniquely impacting relationship to each of the other elements.

Russell’s Belief

The one certain factor that I had discovered existed in every highly successful organisation, was their purpose driven approach. It was their Why umbrella! The cornerstone of everything else. Next, their people provided their What element; whatever was needed to be done, was executed (even if through robotics), and managed by people. That left their How factor; the how everything was done, which I recognised as the Processes umbrella.

When it comes to organisational success, these three umbrella elements of Purpose, People and Processes are the primary elements.

Defined Purpose delivered by valued People utilising highly developed Processes = organisational success! When speaking to the topic of organisational excellence, this is my underlying mantra.

“Russell’s enthusiasm is contagious and his broad organisational performance experience has been of significant benefit to myself and my management team.”


Group Managing Director - Telecommunication Stores

“Professional advisors are an essential part of our success. Russell is valued for his insightful knowledge of organisational purpose. His input has changed our culture; the way we think and the way we now operate.”


CEO - Agricultural Equipment & Engineering

“Russell is a perpetual questioner. Intentionally, he almost annoyed me with his relentless questioning approach, but I soon realised that his questions were leading me to fully utilise the knowledge I already had.

He is a profound communicator of the key elements in our organisation, and how by managing them correctly, it has changed our mindset and drastically improved our performance.”


State Manager - Large Not For Profit

“When Russell was recommended to me, I thought he would think our business was to small to partner with. His response was not to ask too many questions about where the business was currently, but he really drilled me on where I wanted it to go, and what that looked like to me. Life has never been the same.”


Owner & Manager - Automotive Servicing

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Who is Russell Driscoll

Organisational Performance Advisor

Russell is an advisor to senior management and the Founding Principal at Managing Excellence. His experiences are extensive and his qualifications include an MBA (Executive). He has led an interesting and varied life. From a working-class Sydney family, and humble beginnings, he was an employer at the age of 23. His family and closest friends agree that outrageous perseverance is high among his qualities, which combined with his ‘can do’ ethos, enables him to continue enjoying a thoroughly fulfilling life in family, career, and ministry.

His management skills and business equities have included participation in automotive engineering, service stations, real estate sales, financial services, retail, hospitality, technology, management consulting, and property development. His decades of consulting have enabled him access to many other sectors including manufacturing, banking, transport, logistics, and professional services. He has built a network of contacts that regularly assist him in his endeavours. His inquisitive nature and appetite for knowledge led to him gathering a voluminous range of articles, clips, case studies, and books, relative to his research on organisational management.

He has been a coach and mentor to many. His personal experiences of both failure, and regular successes, are a bonus to his clients. Among his consulting pursuits was a longing for a tool that would accelerate the timeline of managers going from good to exceptional. Indeed, having completed his MBA, he began the journey of developing the remarkable P9 Management Model, a diamond discovery for senior management. He is currently completing a book that delivers a roadmap to organisational excellence, by fully understanding the 9 umbrella elements, together with their 36 relational impacts, and then applying the model’s principles.

Russell describes himself as a family man; a fortunate husband, proud father, and very proud grandfather. He is also a recently retired ordained pastor. After nearly twenty years of balancing his pastoral responsibilities with along with his consulting work, Russell felt led to having a sabbatical from consulting, and to take on the role of senior pastor of a church in Canberra, Australia, devoting six years and focusing his efforts on serving the local communities and raising funds for vital works overseas, particularly in India (which he continues to do). He firmly believes that leading teams of volunteers and providing individuals (experiencing vastly different situations) with pastoral care, are invaluable skill sets that complement the role he now has as the Founding Principal at Managing Excellence.