Our Approach

You will benefit from Managing Excellence having exclusive access to The P9 Management Model, created, and developed by our Founding Principal, Russell Driscoll. The P9 Management Model is the optimal Think Big view of your organisation; Russell refers to it as the Optimal View. It is more than just a general understanding of the macro view of your organisation. It is a being able to apply the principles, practices and power of The P9 Management Model to achieve organisational excellence and sustainability. It stretches you to rethink your opinions and attitudes, and to become a campaigner for exceptional performance and sustainable excellence.

It is widely accepted that today, more than at any time since the beginning of the industrial revolution, senior managers are facing greater daily workloads, and a broader raft of responsibilities, pressures, and expectations. Surveys highlight that ‘continuously being in demand’, places immense pressure on senior management, who are also having to ensure that their organisation (in the case of a CEO), or, their ‘part’ of their organisation (in the case of divisional/departmental managers), continually outperforms last year’s results.

Consequently, their focus must be on managing their ‘part’. However, they can’t ignore the reality that their part’s results, are directly impacted by the performance of the managers of other ‘parts’. Highly successful organisations do not have weak spots. They did not become highly successful by holding onto a small vision, or having small-minded people, or tolerating underdeveloped processors. Although to varying degrees, this is the experience of most contemporary organisations.

So, to go from average to exceptional, there needs to be a paradigm shift. As a minimum, you certainly need competent and professional management in each area of your organisation, but to achieve organisational excellence, there must be a different approach. The P9 Management Model is entirely focused on exceptional organisation wide performance, by having senior managers, not just focusing on their various ‘parts’ but, choosing to also be continuously mindful of the broader nine umbrella elements of their entire organisation, and how the balanced position and prominence of these elements, indisputably effects their organisation’s performance; these elements are the 9P’s.

We have all heard the term ‘Synergy’ and if asked, you could probably give a fair definition of its meaning. For us, it is a word that became regularly overused around the beginning of this century, and has therefore lost some of its value. Yet when employed correctly, it is the one best single word term that describes the power of The P9 Management Model. The most common and accepted definition of ‘Synergy’ is “the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc.”

Therefore, Managing Excellence is comfortable when we say that, we offer our partnering clients synergetic power to journey from average to exceptional.